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Sal Corbo discovered photography in high school during astronomy class. His teacher inspired Sal to take photos of the sky through a telescope and develop the negatives and print them in the school darkroom. Sal became passionate about photography right then and there. Later, Sal attended the School of Visual Arts in NYC to study art and photography. He worked as a photo assistant for elite fashion photographers in NYC, and then visited Milan and Paris to work as a photographer for various editorial magazines.


After moving back to NYC, Sal opened his own photo studio on West 23rd Street in the heart of the Photo District. His clients ranged from large pharmaceutical corporations, to high-end jewelry creators, and top fashion designers.


During a commercial photo shoot in the Arizona desert, he became fascinated with the amazing landscapes and unique lighting. Sal then opened his new studio in Scottsdale Arizona where he developed a large advertising clientele. As an escape from the demands of the studio, he visited the amazing sculpturesque, untouched landscapes of the desert, where he combined his passion for the universe and the stars, with his love for nature and photography. In his latest artistic work, titled ANOTHER WORLD, Sal uses his strong lighting skills to light-paint the magical scapes.

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